Carry and Sing

Carry the banner through the fields. Carry the songs to the mountains. Carry the Word through the oceans. Yea, I say to you, far and wide, up and down, all around you will go. You will go and carry the banner. Carry the light. Yea, I say to you, I endue you with power from on high to carry the light. Darkness permeates the planet, yet there are light bearers. I will use My light bearers to carry the light. Sing as you go. Dance as you go. Yea, be prepared as you go. Worship! Worship! Worship! Yea, and know the light is in you. Know the light will bear light. As you bring light, you bear light. There are those in darkness seeking light that do not have the answers for life. Fear, fear will rest on the planet as never before. Fear, fear taking hold in the hearts of men, the minds of men, distorted and deluded. Yes, man crazed by self-indulgence. Man crazed by selfishness. Yea, yea, I say to you, you will carry the light. You will carry the light. Break down the forces of evil, yea, through intercession, but carry the light. Fear not the craze of man. Just be prepared to know your God is in control. Your God sees all. Carry the light!

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