Pull Me In

Prophecy #597
Reach out your arms and pull Me in, pull Me in to your embrace. I’m right here, though you can’t see My face. I’m right here, so pull Me in, pull Me in. Do you understand I walk where you walk? I listen to you talk, yea, I listen to every word. I know every thought. I know all you have ever heard. Yes, pull Me in, pull Me in tighter, tighter for I will to have you know My embrace. Don’t look away, look to My face. Keep your mind stayed ion Me and you’ll pull Me in, and you’ll see I’m really here, I’m really near. Yea, I am more than there ,I am here. Understand God is with you. Have I not said in My word I dwell in them? I will be with them, yea and I will be their God and they shall be My children. Yes, I have fulfilled My own word. Calvary’s tree was given to thee to see ..to see I am real and I am here. So pull Me in, pull Me in near, nearer, nearer. Oneness, oneness, think on this, oneness with God, not separated, not afar off. Pull Me in, I’m right here. See, I’ve spoken this to thee. See it is real. It is real for you to know Me intimately.

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Nancy L. Webb said...

thank you Lord for the encouraging word to
pull you in", the idea that God is desirous to be in my
presence is more than good news. its the truth that sets
one free, thank you for the freedom to love you Jesus and
bless the ears that hear your utterances and posts such
encouraging words.