Prophecy #535
The rooster crows in the early morning…arise, arise. And the owl hoots at night. I call you to arise in the early morn…listen to My voice…listen to My voice. When all is quiet in the early morn, as the sun starts to rise, so should you rise with Me. And I call you in the nighttime when the owl hoots, yea, listen…listen to the quiet and listen to My voice. Listen..listen..listen, for I have many things to share..listen. Go to My word and listen to the Spirit of the word, showing you the pathway of life, the changes that are needed, the direction to take. Give time..give time to the Master to lead. Focus..focus on the God within you. Focus on My Holy Spirit directing your path. Listen..listen in the quiet times. Listen and I will train you to listen in the noise, the clatter, the clanging of the busyness around you. Yea, as you learn to listen in the quiet time you will know to listen in the noisy times. You will learn to listen when speaking to man. You will learn to listen when directing the little ones. You will learn to listen as you do your household chores. You will learn to listen as you share the gospel and you will walk in My Spirit, the Spirit that dwells within you. The stars in the sky are pictures of My people who have learned to listen, and they have let the light that was shone within them burst through them. Many cannot hear My voice due to lack of faith, due to lack of time spent with Me in the quiet times. Hag. 1:14

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