So Tired

Prophecy #2001
Fallen down, weakened, drained, and fatigued; so many of My people don’t know the needs of others because they are fallen down, drained, fatigued. Tired in the body from so much work; yes, so much work, for work that’s centered on self. I say, pray, pray for others. Yea, I say, pray for others. There are too many of My people that are drained and fatigued. Hardships, many, but I need My people to rise up out of their fatigue for the hardships of others, for those who are drained and fatigued. Yes, people that are malnutritioned, third world, need help, need the energy of others to assist them, to focus on goals. The poverty, the poverty, I see so much poverty. Where is the faith of My people to bring them the resources and to encourage faith? So many tired from overwork. Tired from needless work. I say, diligence in prayer is needed, and I will bring the resources and I will gift through you and I will encourage multitudes through you focusing on Me, focusing on truth, focusing on reality in the spirit world. Many will come to understand My provision through faith and receive , many because of the words that are given. When you rise up above your circumstances for the circumstances of others, you are blessed and well provided for.
Acts 7:34

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